this photo was submitted by Ian Ortega, an AB English student for one of his entries in Tejido 14, the official literary folio of Western Mindanao State University. I can;t help it, it’s nice 🙂




It’s easy to breathe but it takes much more effort to LIVE.

Brighter than the Sun

BestLifeEverIt’s weird when you wake up one morning and wonder why we are here in the first place isn’t it? Then one cold sunrise, it dawned to me why.

Not that I already knew or something but there’s this tiny whisper at the back of my humble mind on the purposes we are standing on-someone needs us. When I say someone, please omit the ‘lover’ perspective of that guy or girl. Like seriously, it’s not just all about love (though it is the best option so far) for we can’t just spring around and stays at bliss and kiss and hug all the time you know. Let’s be honest-there’s more to it.

Missing out

Why they come in our lives is the same reason why we come to others’. It’s like a give and take way of making things better but many missed that. It’s like they’re so emo all the time thinking that they live in a very unfair world (which is true sometimes when I am down and I will not deny I tell you) when almost everything is not going their way. Could be the reason as well on why their driven purposes are being fogged by this depressions going all over them. I can’t blame them actually if I were to be honest.

This time, a little shift on one’s perspective could help.

An option

This is what I usually do on dark days-find the light. Again, it’s not that easy. Well I thought too and unfortunately, I didn’t work for it so that’s why I was stuck with that belief until poof, I woke up. You see, it’s up to you. You can be bitter when in pain. You can challenge yourself when you fail. You can cry when lonely. You can stand when you fall. You can do what you want as long as you want it too.

We may say “I don’t have the options anymore” but instead of saying it, we can say “I may not have options but I still have the power of will and this time, I’m going to use it”.

Easily said than done

Of course there are times when the sun is not just about to rise and we somehow curl into darkness thinking it’s the safest place on earth. Even the most optimistic man in town is having a hard time when he becomes the victim of the advice he is preaching all over again. The sad truth about tragedies is that you can’t just shift from one mood to another just because you always have the option of staying bright amidst the rainy days. It just takes time to process and be back on the track.

Just because I told you to be the star on a velvet night sky, doesn’t mean you always have to go bright.

On the bright side

So why do we really exist? I don’t know, maybe if others are tired of shining for themselves, we could at least do the honor of doing the job even for once? You see, we all have that skill of making other people smile the way they make us smile in times of getting lost in the puzzle of this existence. We just have to grab that opportunity of making them happy but like they always say, you can’t give them a penny without having one in the first place.

So it’s simple-thou shall not complicate things and live the happier days in order to appreciate our purposes in life. The sun may not be shining on our side but like the phrase “sure as the sun” says, you know it will come.