She’s the APRIL. I am the MAY. :)

She's the APRIL. I am the MAY. :)

It took me awhile to realize that even I am the youngest (not to mention the MOST BEAUTIFUL) daughter of my father, I am in dire need of a YOUNGER SISTER and God sent me hundreds of them but only few proved to be a greater deal for me to practice the role of an OLDER SISTER.

Funny how life turned way better when April, my orgmate in our university publication of Western Mindanao State University, came to my life. I never wanted a younger sister for I am very much afraid of finding myself suffering the idea of divided attention that I have lived for the last 20 years of my existence. Fine, I was immature and selfish and oh-so FEELING PRINCESS but then again, life and time molded me.

For the record, the photo is edited (by me after getting drowned with the movie FROZEN) and upon seeing this, I knew that I am getting better for the role. It’s not that I am using her for practice purposes but somehow, she HELPED me realize that I am even capable of doing such.

I am blessed, I tell you, that by merely being myself, I caught her and she caught me. She never had an older sister and I fit the part the way she did to me. So we both are blessed.

One night she told me how jealous she was for the family I owned because I am full of love that she missed in her very own separated parents. My mom died when I was 15 but April told me that my mom invested a good breed out of us. Should I take that as a compliment? Sure, it’s even a pride I tell you but deep within, I know she wishes her feet being slipped inside my shoes.

So after that, I told myself that the least I could do is share that love my parents gifted on us to those who missed their’s. I really don’t want sad endings and I am quite sure I am in no position to declare if there’s an end to this. Either way, I’ll die but somehow I have left a good gift to those who deserved it.

This life is very precious for me to just be selfish and cruel to others. Finally I came to the point of painting a better canvas out of it and that when I’ll be gone, they will rekindle my memories with a smile and not a frown.


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