How to start your day RIGHT

A prayer


Before I go to bed, I pray. After I wake up, I pray. I don’t know but there’s something in prayer that keeps me going for the day. Like there’s some kind of security and guidance no matter what happens to me within that 24 hours. 

I am not afraid to make decisions even how hard it is for I know that I am guided and before going through it, I make sure that I pray and ask for signs. I know God is up there and I believe it. Where it got me? I have the optimism to go on with life even sometimes I just want to give it all up. I am being reminded that there’s more to this existence than just trusting your instincts as human.

A good bath


Especially during exams and stressful night, I make it a point to indulge myself with a good bath. I scrub my skin from head to toe and pamper it as much as possible. They (my skin and my body) deserve a treat after making it through the demand of time in studies and work at school. 

As much as possible, I don’t hurry that much and give more time in splashing cold waters all through my body. It helps, I swear. The sweet blend of fresh soap clinging around the air, it boosts my energy and have a good start for the long day ahead of me.

A chant


Before the mirror, I tell myself that today will be great and make sure I believe it. It’s effective. Wearing the biggest grin of all while applying light make up according to the plans for that day. It encourages me to go through that chant and achieve it to fulfill that simple belief. 

As I can see it, it’s more of psychological orientation. I tried once to see my day as bad as it started-crying as my first approach-and indeed, it was not that good. So I have to start it with a smile and that energetic head start of saying “this will be the best day ever!”

And lastly, feel the LOVE


The most powerful thing that makes you go on with life is LOVE. 

It changes a lot of things. It make you grow; it makes you human; it makes you special in a very extraordinary day. I am not talking plainly with the ones you commit like partners but I am talking in general. 


There are so many ways to start your day right but whatever ways you usually do every day, you still have to remind yourself that at the end of that day, you have to thank everything even how bad your day turned out. Because by having a thankful heart to start with, the rest will follow.


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