Going Back to Childhood


So this is the part of saying “if only it could be done”-gosh, how I wish I’m a  kid again.

I woke up one morning realizing life is too short and damn too fast. I even have to check myself from time to time before the mirror and all those wrinkles are killing me. Yes, at 20, signs of aging is quite visible. So when my friends were like “let’s watch The Lorax again!” and all I did was nod and poof, we traveled back to childhood.

That feeling when you want to rekindle, reminisce, and wander back to where and who have you been before becoming the person you are now, is just so fulfilling. Yes, we’ve been through a lot and we were scratched-deep or shallow-yet we grew. it’s amazing how time molded us to whoever we are and still have the chance to go back and see. Such an opportunity.

If given a chance to travel back in time and change something, I’d be willing NOT TO ACCEPT it for those memories will forever instill the beauty of my childhood and that, as I can see it, are the best days of my life.


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