The response

On my Sister’s Optimism (see last post) I responded this:

Awww.. I wish I could write those words with full heart as well Sis  But of course, you cannot give a penny without having one in the first place so I’ll give you the spotlight this time with that role you are in now. Surely one day, with that guts and optimism, you’ll be a star worth looking at-actually, you are SINCE I-don’t-know-when to me sis! 
Go for the gold of learning lessons and continue sprinkling more to us who needs not to go through those pains just to learn. Though, it’s way more effective walk in the darkness to appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel. 

And I guess we all deserve to be on that track 🙂


The BEERthday blast-It’s my 21st Party!

Birthdays were supposed to be full of these:


Boring all-too-sweet super small chocolate cake from the cheap store and gay-slash-pastel-colored balloons (for kids?)…


Great half Papua New Guinean cousins giving tips how to blow candles…


Chicas in different shades of colors (wait, is that the girl from BRAVE?)…


So! For May 2, I’ll be turning 21! And my friend told me that it’s the age for unlimited BEER! I’m no drinker but well, what’s the word ‘change’ for right? So this Friday, I think a BEERthday blast will do just the way I wanted it to be!


Call it boring. Ugh. I have this really big space room wherein there are only two occupants-me and my 25 year old sister-like giant. I told her about the party and she was thinking maybe a candlelit dinner will do since there’s just two of us. My family is like miles away from me and I can’t risk the idea of going home for that one day event. I have my work and well, spending it in the city is just too banging! Problem is, I don’t have my close friends around me. They’re like miles away too for hello? It’s summer! Getting tanned and all that stuff. -_-

So NO for that. I want it to be like some kind of this:

The 21st door

A door full of this to notify the room next to our apartment that I am now 21 and he can court me? LOL! Or maybe he could drop by and flash those smiles and say his damn wishes.


And of course, it’s a BEER party right? So c’mon pals! Time to get all drunk and spend the whole night in my place!

Honestly, my sister in Manila thinks that’s it’s kinda a waste of time but hell, I only celebrate my birthday once a year and I have to be reminded by every celebration-that’s living life.

My bestie even suggested that we should hire a masculine guy for the tequila party but that’s scary,. I can just ask my handsome friends. HAHA!
Really, I’m so excited that I don’t know how to do it but I guess we’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Either way, this plan may be the party I wanted it to be or not, I’ll still turn 21 and that’s the best gift God could give me. 🙂

Thank you Daily post for this prompt!

My Sister’s Optimism-keeps getting better

I saw this in Facebook as she ended her relationship with such inspiring words I can just apply in the future 🙂

I hereby end my relationship with the past and all the pain and all the drama and nonsense and wishful thinking and daydreams and illusions and ugly thoughts and low self esteem.

For the first time, I can say I have fully understood my self-worth. That no matter how many scars I will get or how many times I fall and give way to human imperfections, I can always stand up again- still whole and even better.

I am resolved that my wrong decisions will not define my personality but rather mold me and teach me in harnessing my full potential. I have been way too obsessed about walking the straight line that I never realized I was reading the wrong signs. My idea of never having enough room for mistakes had been harming me in more ways than I would have imagined.

I am heartbroken and will cry for a day or two but I decided the day has come to do the right things.

RESOLUTION: It does not matter what people think about me anymore.
What matters more is how I see myself.

Happy re-birth to me!”

I told myself that I will be like her 🙂

Andrew Belle

Here’s ANDREW!

Sounds That Matter

Andrew Belle “It took many years of practice and honing in on the craft, but I eventually found my own voice and a unique message to sing about.”

Let me start off by saying, this is long overdue. A few months back, I interviewed Andrew Belle, and I had every intention of posting it before his new album release, but alas it didn’t happen.

Black Bear, his newest album came out one month ago, and I can’t stop raving about it. It’s different from Andrew’s first album, The Ladder, but not in a bad way. I find myself tapping my foot more, wanting to repeat each song more than I did with his first album.

The attention for Andrew’s music has grown considerably over the years, and if you’ve ever gone to one of his live shows, you understand why. His talent is so close to perfection, it’s really not even fair…

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DAVID ARCHULETA: Why he’s worth the praise

I never EVER idolize a celebrity before. I see them like any other human beings and I don’t know, they’re just supported with hair sprays and that’s the only reason why maybe they’re being cheered. Kind of a waste of time. Until…


DAVID ARCHULETA just popped out when I was in my third year in high school. And that’s it, I’m DONE! He’s just the best!

For those who failed to ring the bell, he’s “David James Archuleta (born December 28, 1990) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. At ten years old, he won the children’s division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances. When he was twelve years old, Archuleta became the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search2.In 2007, at sixteen years old, he became one of the youngest contestants on the seventh season of American Idol. In May 2008 he finished as the runner-up, receiving 44 percent of over 97 million votes” according to Wikipedia (here).

I was hit by LSS with his song Crush that made me compose my own version. Same though but in Tagalog Version. My classmates thought I was totally crazy with someone I can’t even reach. For the first time, I wished for that star to be reached-and until now, I never stopped believing.

I remember the very day I wrote a story about a girl who was a big fan of David Archuleta and met an accident, together with other thousands of audiences, in one of his concerts. She lost her memories and forgot who she was and the people she loved-even David. Her parents were too angry to David that they decided not to tell the cause of her accident and sent their daughter away from all the memories of the room she owned in the Philippines-full of David Archuleta collections. Unfortunately, the girl’s new neighbor happened to be David, who chose to hide his identity from the world since he was still too guilty for the loss of many lives because of his concert. To cut the story short, they fell in love and little by little, the girl became familiar with the hums he sings to her.

The story was all about how they managed to reconnect and overpower the nightmare from the past by listening through the heart. At the end, they both realized that even how far they are from each other- celebrity meets the fan, heaven meets the earth-there’s no such thing as impossible in the name of LOVE.

But of course I was only in high school when I wrote that and looking back, I was indeed a daydreamer. Still, it never crossed my mind to stop believing in him. He may be away for the a two-year hiatus to be a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile last March 2012, this year, on my birthday Month, May, he’s coming back and I am so excited to see him on TV again. 

He’s cute and that’s normal in showbiz but what sets him apart from the rest whose more handsome and muscular, he’s got the heart and he uses it. His passion that fires from the deepest soul of his songs; his humility that never falters the change in his attitude; and his faith that made him leave music world for two years without that hesitation of regret if he’ll lose what he have, is just one of the thousand things I’ll forever treasure for such a wonderful man God created.

Believe it or not, but he’s one of the reasons why I have to study hard. One of the things I want to do before I die is to meet David Archuleta and I know, one of these lucky days, I will-I swear. 

So this is not just about who I used to idolize when I was a teenager, but this is about a young girl who, even she’ll turn 21 on May 2, will always believe in stars and be inspired by them even how far they are. These people not only live with a purpose God gave them but also exist for others they’re not even aware of to be encouraged by their mere presence. 

Dear David, you may not know it (or you do) but still, I’m telling you to keep your heart beating for others to have that reason to let theirs beat as well. I am just a girl who writes across the world and was half hoping that you’ll somehow notice me. I am awake now but my eyes are half closed for I still believe in dreams, dreams like YOU. I am not in love (well I don’t even know what’s that in the first place for I’ve never been there), but there’s more to life than that and I suppose that’s appreciating other’s gift while improving and finding ours at the same time.

(Thank you The Daily Post for this assignment for April 24. I love writing it!)