It took me months to LET GO of the pain and well, I am now congratulating myself for the achieved goal.


Late posts were I don’t know-dark? But like I said, this is who I am and I see no point of hiding such drama. Concealing the truth and pretend it’s not happening? A big NO.

Anyway, lately I have this struggle of forgiving and second chances and I know it will either give back my friends or I will lose my pride and self promises. Bottom line, I learned to FORGIVE. First I thought it’s just one of the keys to unlock the awkward bonds between our common friends but later I realized that deep within, behind the rock heart and still pride, I want her back.


A. Accept them for who they are.

Personality clash brought us to worlds that’s not part of our being and Alpha vs. Alpha is not just as ideal as you may think. Accept them but that doesn’t mean all the adjustments will be on your side. Not that you demand for it but simply be patient for the change. True friends changes from time to time and they both learn to embody that shift of mood.

B. Grudge will kill you.

Yes. It wakes monsters and no, it’s not a good picture. Anger-it’s normal. But how you handle it and get through it is a wonder, a gift that’s way too precious to treasure. Learn to breathe, think and if possible, shut your mouth when in range. You cannot stop harsh words from coming out once the reins were broken. Keep it under control.

C. Learn. Move on.

They say people come for either a reason or a blessing-or both. Learn from those who caused pain but do not curse them. Let them go and if they come back, go on, welcome but like I said, it will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN yet treat them well and be honest. Honesty won’t do any harm anyway. Still, do not force yourself and that’s when you MOVE ON.Ā 

FRIENDSHIP. Big word. Big responsibility. But it’ll make you BIG-and not LITERALLY.


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