The BEERthday blast-It’s my 21st Party!

Birthdays were supposed to be full of these:


Boring all-too-sweet super small chocolate cake from the cheap store and gay-slash-pastel-colored balloons (for kids?)…


Great half Papua New Guinean cousins giving tips how to blow candles…


Chicas in different shades of colors (wait, is that the girl from BRAVE?)…


So! For May 2, I’ll be turning 21! And my friend told me that it’s the age for unlimited BEER! I’m no drinker but well, what’s the word ‘change’ for right? So this Friday, I think a BEERthday blast will do just the way I wanted it to be!


Call it boring. Ugh. I have this really big space room wherein there are only two occupants-me and my 25 year old sister-like giant. I told her about the party and she was thinking maybe a candlelit dinner will do since there’s just two of us. My family is like miles away from me and I can’t risk the idea of going home for that one day event. I have my work and well, spending it in the city is just too banging! Problem is, I don’t have my close friends around me. They’re like miles away too for hello? It’s summer! Getting tanned and all that stuff. -_-

So NO for that. I want it to be like some kind of this:

The 21st door

A door full of this to notify the room next to our apartment that I am now 21 and he can court me? LOL! Or maybe he could drop by and flash those smiles and say his damn wishes.


And of course, it’s a BEER party right? So c’mon pals! Time to get all drunk and spend the whole night in my place!

Honestly, my sister in Manila thinks that’s it’s kinda a waste of time but hell, I only celebrate my birthday once a year and I have to be reminded by every celebration-that’s living life.

My bestie even suggested that we should hire a masculine guy for the tequila party but that’s scary,. I can just ask my handsome friends. HAHA!
Really, I’m so excited that I don’t know how to do it but I guess we’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Either way, this plan may be the party I wanted it to be or not, I’ll still turn 21 and that’s the best gift God could give me. 🙂

Thank you Daily post for this prompt!


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