His voice tickled the silence

Racking her heart, her soul, her life…

As he murmurs his sweetness

She sways in rhythm, in melody, in peace

The art of his notes lingered

As it touches the bells of her bliss

Sound clings, music escapes

From the darkness of her still, silent thoughts


His distance forgotten

His voice, her strength

Her dark hours, her frosted tears

Wiped by his cheerful charm

As she tried to see if he’s worth it

His goodness scares her off

Backing away from the edge of uncertainty

His love, his life, better off with someone else


Lullabies scratched her little memory

His blurred image smiles, her heart aches

The beauty of his calm yet springing tone

Sprouts green life from her dry old twigs

But she tiptoes from the cycle of mistake

As his naivety walks down the alley of lies

Maybe difficult, maybe not, he’ll be gone

Her mind took over-for the better, or for the worse


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