Why Oh Why

When it rains, it pours

White pain shutters, blinding reality

The hearth’s fresh and red

Still more woods to encourage the fire

Why oh why do they enter

The world of wounds,

Of refreshing scars, of mixed emotions

Go round and round the cycle

Going back and forth, up and down

Dizziness blackened the senses

Confused, shocked, bewildered


The mystery of LOVE, they wonder

What it gives, what it takes

Noting nothing they own

Just as selfless as they can be

Why oh why it seemed unfair

The black and white, just grey

Don’t give a damn on what was said

Keeps on jumping without a doubt

Ready to be fed by whatsoever

As long as satisfaction will be met


They walk alone in two

At the end of the tunnel, there’s just you

It’s cold and painful

Scratching, cracking the happiness

Why oh why do they bleed

Yet seizes the moment to shed more

Aware of the rubbish at the start, at the end

The ache being rubbed again and again

Is it curiosity that stains the pure mind?

Or the journey of life and not the end?


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