It was raining so hard and I woke up alone
I peeked outside and the dramatic out pour made me smile
I sat beside the window listening to the cheerful splashes of raindrops
It was cold but there’s warmth from the coffee between my palms
A quite lullaby played softly beside me, it’s Ed Sheeran’s
Outside the window I just stared and sighed
I wonder what life would bring this time
It’s been awhile since I felt this
Calm, still, serene
This is LIFE.
I love it.



The “No-Strings-Attached” Life

I like love stories. In fact, I love them. Only, I don’t want to be part of it…yet.

My father once told me that I will be a lonely woman when I’ll turn 20 and I’m still single. I was only 18 when he said that. I thought he was trying to challenge me and finally accept my suitors. I was afraid I’ll be considered as an unhappy one so I welcomed the idea of letting the boys in. When I turned 20, I was still single. I told my father that I am not a miserable young lady after all. Instead, I am satisfied and happy. Why?-because I have the chance to mould my world with my own hands, unstained by bitterness with the cruel reality of pain. Pain, for me that’s in deeper shade of colour when caused by love-so I stayed single.

Outside the Prison


As much as fun is concerned, single means everything-young, wild and totally free. For more than two decades now, I still love the idea of going from one place to another without asking for my partner’s permission. I hang out with my friends at night without the guilt of meeting guys along the way; meet new Adonis clones and make them a good prospect but won’t commit anyway; do whatever crazy things my time could afford and do it all over again; and the best part is to be myself just the way I want to and not because I have to be someone I am not just to fit in the ‘girlfriend’ role.

Emotional Stress Free


I am still a lady and guys are part of my existence. For the past few years, I’ve been to dinner dates with some of them but when serious things start to dawn, I just ran off from the scene. I always have this feeling that when commitment gets in, I feel obliged. Like I have to care a lot, love too much, think a lot, give too much and coat more sugar on my lips. Plus, to make things worse, the idea of being bothered all the time when there are petty arguments is just so stressful that it could ruin my day, not to mention sleepless night to start with. And the result?-eye bags, dry skin and zits. The last thing a young lady like me wants is to be an ugly, drowning in the sea of Aphrodite replicas.

Time is gold-and so is money


I don’t know if there are couples alive today who are dating for free. From gifts to transportations, investments to dinner bills, money plays a big role in running a relationship. The best thing about being single is when you save more for yourself than invest with your partner and be put to waste when the relationship is unsuccessful. You only didn’t waste your time; you also wasted your heart, your trust and accept it, your money.

Commitment is sacred


They call me ‘choosy’ and ‘the girl with high standards’ and I don’t care. It’s not about his social status and strong arms neither the protection he can offer nor the famous I-have-a-hot-boyfriend brand. It’s all about how high my respect to the word ‘commitment’ that really matters. I know that I am not yet ready for a serious one so I have to be very careful as to where my heart should be placed. I don’t play-and never will-because I believe in karma. Whatever I call this fling, it’s not playing-more like treading the waters but not diving into it. There’s a difference.

At the end of the string


We are not cursed for God not to give us the glory of love. We can always be in love (or act like one) even there are no titles involved. Just because we are not committed doesn’t mean our heart is not beating anymore. Being single maybe alone but not lonely. And I have to disagree with the idea of being alone for I have allowed many people to come and join my singleness. Even Jesus did not fuss about the idea of being single so why should I?

Commitment to me is a gift. It is a treasure that can only be found by those who are brave enough to conquer the fear of the unknown. In the right time with the right man, I will commit. But today, I will live my life the way I wanted it to be-free and happy. I signed in to The Hook-Up Culture and I will be very grateful to sign out when I am ready to fall in love.