Inspiration 101: The Power of Silence


I can still rekindle the day when I just sat by our living room listening to my mom’s angry preach about the dirty laundry and messy things. My siblings and I just ruined the whole house when she was away. So when she saw the chaos, she was so upset and washed us with her motherly castigation

Then my sister tried to reason out (she always does) and I just observed her. Of course we have reasons like playing and having fun and all that stuff. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t take it well and my sister ended up with her butt in red spanks. Good thing I shut my mouth.

It was a simple childhood memory but it taught me well. There’s power in silence. My activist friend didn’t get the whole idea of choosing to shut my mouth instead of speaking out. He thinks that I’m a coward. Nope. I think I’m just taking everything in and see where can I inject my thoughts. The more I listen, the more I understand.

It’s pretty weird sometimes when I get a lot of compliment when all I do is stay silent. Inside our classroom once, I just listen to our World Literature subject and let my classmates do the oral recitation and gain the spotlight. I just listen. There’s comfort in it and I don’t care if I am invisible. Turned out, my invisibility issue was wrong. When my teacher called me since no one’s answering his question about the idea of the Gilgamesh story, I stood up. I answered as honestly as I could picking the right thoughts I gathered while I did the listening. My classmates were all looking at me (or I hope they’re just being respectful) and I can see the awe in their faces. I didn’t know what I said that afternoon but whatever that is, I just took the bigger spotlight.

You see, there are days when we have to speak up and I agree with that. And there are days when we just sit down and listen. I don’t know, there’s something comforting about hearing the world talk around you and learning from their beautiful stories. Yes, you do have a story to tell but wait for the right time for the book to be published. Who knows it will be a bestseller?


Drowning but Living

There’s a point in our lives when we just can’t stop the flood of problems bursting from every hole we never knew we created.

Lately, I literally drowned myself and see what dying feels like. Nehh… it was stupid. Turned out,I like the idea without being suicidal. More like peeking through the death’s eyes with a smile because you know you’re not yet dying. I can be crazy sometimes but life is way too short to take it seriously so they say.

So it’s like this–I’m in. I mean the challenges were on its higher level and I see no reason why can’t I even compete with them. I hope you do the same.